Reaching sporting peak performances easily and efficiently with moduu.

Every sport has its own course of motion. During regular training, our body has become accustomed to these recurring routines, adapting musculature and motor skills accordingly. If you want to make full use of your own capacity, you need new or increased training incentives. However, these increased requirements often involve a greater risk of injury and generally require longer regeneration phases.


Case: Football

EMS training has been successfully used in soccer for several years. And studies have proven the positive effect of electric muscle stimulation on the performance increase in professional soccer players. moduu increases the efficiency of soccer training. By integrating the EMS training directly into the overall athletic training, the extra duress of exercising using traditional EMS stimulators is eliminated from the training process.

Moduu EMS athletic training is for a complete body workout or focused on individual areas

  • Sprinting training
  • Endurance training
  • Jump training