Special implementation

At work

More and more people are suffering from noticeable pain and chronic health problems due to the unhealthy sitting and movement behavior in the office. Training in and around the workplace is becoming increasingly important.

Many companies and health insurance companies now encourage daily training in the workplace to relieve stress and increase team spirit.

However, there are hardly any practical solutions that can be used in everyday life. The main cause of health problems – the lack of movement – can be compensated effectively by using moduu.

Advantages for the employer:

  • Cost saving due to less sick days.
  • Improved self-confidence and morale.
  • Better feeling in the workplace.
  • Better company image due to the social care aspect.
  • Increased productivity and team spirit of the workforce.

Advantages for the employees

  • Reduced stress, better “feel good” factor
  • More motivation and quality of life
  • Health and prevention, which improves the relationship to the employer
  • Financial advantages of fitness in the workplace
Zero Gravity

Everyday life in space is a heavy burden on our bodies. After a short time, the degeneration of muscles and bones begins. That’s the reason why a special nutrition and exercise program was developed for astronauts living in zero gravity for a long time. In the 1980’s researchers took a training device for muscle stimulation into space. The results were already then very promising. However, the device was too big and difficult to handle to be able to use it permanently. moduu could make electrical muscle and nerve stimulation in outer space a common practice. Because moduu is small, handy and allows the astronauts to train their muscles all day to reduce or even stop the muscle reduction. EMS training has also been confirmed in several studies to have a positive effect on the skeleton and bone structure.

Postnatal Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth imply an immense strain on the body. Especially the musculature of the pelvic floor is heavily stressed. Your targeted re-strengthening should therefore be the focus of an active recovery. Moduu supports the recovery process very effectively, but without taking the risks of overloading. The intensity of the electrical impulses is adjusted individually and the weakened muscles are stimulated without additional pressure, unlike force training. Training with moduu is both effective and gentle at the same time. Within a short time noticeable improvements can be achieved. In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor, moduu also has a positive effect on the connective tissue, trunk muscles and physical stability. When the training can be started with the moduu “fit after birth” is very individual and should be discussed with your doctor beforehand.

Addiction treatment

In order to overcome addiction in the long term, it requires not only physical withdrawal, but also a great deal of mental motivation and strength. Moduu leads via stimulation behind the ears and on the calves to the release of dopamine and endorphins. In this way, withdrawal symptoms can be markedly reduced and entry into further therapy is therefore possible sooner. In this field we work closely with our partner Nescure: www.nescure.de

Animal Training

Training with moduu is not only useful for people to feel fitter, more powerful and healthier. Gentle activation of the muscles and the nervous system also improves the overall physical potential of animals. Above all racing animals such as horses, camels and dogs can benefit from training with moduu.

Moduu for horses provides:

  • Better core strength
  • Higher speed and overall strength
  • Visualization of a training horse with vital, motion data and stimulation
  • Optimal preparation before and after training
  • Maximizing the training process
  • Optimizing the race preparation by analyzing the data from in the morning until the race begins