Rebuilding muscles, re-learning movements, regenerating nerves: moduu can effectuate rehabilitation

The so-called electrotherapy includes all methods in which electrical current is used for therapeutic purposes. The electrical stimuli trigger specific nerve reactions. moduu no longer exclusively stimulates the nerve, it stimulates the muscle and its surrounding tissue. Due to the high carrier frequency, the pulse penetrates deep into the muscle and activates a significantly large proportion of the muscle. The reactions that trigger electrical stimuli in our body are used by moduu effectively and in combination with classical rehabilitation treatments, therefore allowing for more effective treatment and healing.


moduu is able to:

  • warm up deep tissue
  • stimulate muscle reactions caused by neurological disturbances or failures caused by sensory stimuli
  • promote blood circulation
  • reduce pain



Possible medical conditions in which electrotherapy may be used are:

  • muscle weakness (atrophy), e.g. after operations, muscle weakness or paralysis of the pelvic floor
  • static deficits, e.g. in the case of a bent or spreading foot
  • reduction of swelling
  • arthritis (joint wear), chronic inflammation
  • degenerative spinal changes due to wearing out process


However, electrotherapy or the use of electro muscular stimulation also exhibits risks:

  • when carrying a cardiac pacemaker (or other implanted electronics)
  • febrile illnesses
  • increased bleeding tendency