moduu develops innovative sportswear with integrated electronics and enables EMS training on a whole new level.

The mobile moduu system is always oriented to meet individual physical needs of the trainee himself. It is based on holistic movements and adjusts supplementary muscle stimulation specifically to the personal performance, in order to achieve an optimal performance increase. The implementation for moduu doesn’t have any boundaries. It ranges from amateur to professional sports to applications in rehabilitation and numerous specialty areas. Due to the well-founded technical understanding and sports-scientific know-how, the focus of moduu is the development of mobile EMS sportswear as well as the development of a database with vital and movement data.


Every flight begins with a fall

Moduu’s development is closely linked to the personal history of professional basketball player Malte Binting: “In a training game in May 2008, I hurt my back extremely bad. When I woke up after the emergency surgery, I could still not feel my left leg from the hip downwards. A massive nerve damage had destroyed my career and all my plans for the future within a short moment. After 12 weeks of intensive rehabilitation, there was hardly any improvement in sight. The doctors were out of ideas. After eight more weeks, when I had almost given up, I woke up one morning and decided to fight – for myself and my great love: basketball.

Under the guidance of a sports scientist who wanted to test different aspects of muscle and nerve stimulation on athletes, I tackled a new training program. Connected to countless cables and a complicated, elaborate station as a pulse generator, I trained every day for four months. The result was more than encouraging; I felt massive improvements in my left leg. And I stayed on it. I was aware that I needed this kind of training – movement combined with additional electrical stimulation of my nerves and muscles – actually I needed it day and night, to recover completely. At this time I had the idea of ​​developing a mobile EMS solution. A solution that is easy and intuitive to use and which also flexibly adapts to different sports because it allows all movement sequences. Moduu was born – even though I knew there was no technology on the market that could make my imagination even remotely possible …

At the end of 2009 I wanted to prove it to myself. I signed a contract for the upcoming professional basketball season. And celebrated an incredibly successful comeback!

Since then, I have been passionately and intensively engaged in making my idea a reality. I developed the technical concept and the software for moduu and after dozens of failures, at the end of 2012, I finally got the first prototype in my hands: A long sleeve, equipped with textile electrodes. This step didn’t allow to completely eliminate all the cables, but the electronics were already directly on the body and the control was done by an app. In the middle of 2013, the second prototype was completed: a long trouser and a long sleeve, both without cables and with enormously reduced electronics. We are currently working on further optimizations to be able to produce in series and start production mid 2018. “



Bodo Maxeiner

Managing Director

Malte Binting

Founder & Technology Development

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