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Mobile and wireless:
moduu brings EMS training to the 21st century

moduu is a holistic training system for stimulating the muscles, as well as detecting body functions. Exercise is effectively supported to achieve training goals easier and quicker. No matter what level you are trying to reach.

“Our look is focussed on the body as a holistically functioning system. With this knowledge of the interplay between health, well-being and increased performance, we have developed moduu. A system that makes balanced training possible on all levels and animates the body to stay fit and do its best – without, however, overstraining itself or pushing itself too hard.”
Malte Binting

Founder moduu

moduu WEAR

moduu: A wireless sportswear with integrated electrodes, combined with intelligent electronics for muscle stimulation, vital and motion data measurement.

Operated intuitively via app.

moduu MASTER

moduu APP

Moduu is the world’s first wireless sportswear to stimulate muscles and nerves. The innovative technology is based on an intelligent platform that combines and evaluates data from different sensors. All the results are incorporated into active training and ensure a continuous improvement of your performance.

Additional training excitement

With a unique combination of electronics, textiles and software, moduu offers a future-oriented training concept to increase concentration and performance: long training times, low intensity as well as less strain on the muscles and nerves.

Adapted parameters

EMS training that works holistically. moduu optimally adapts the stimulus parameters to individual needs and abilities. Training data is measured, stored and evaluated in real-time. The current fitness status is always up-to-date and the next training is adapted perfectly.


Our comfortable moduu wear can be worn all day. Multi-hour training – no problem. Despite the integrated electrodes, our textiles are washable and antibacterial, which also makes them suitable for rehabilitation.

Free movement

Sportswear and electronics work 100% wirelessly. For an EMS training with unrestricted mobility.

Every sport

Rigid, station-bound training units are a thing of the past: moduu is completely flexible in use and suitable for every sport. The small, lightweight electronics modules are ergonomically designed and have many smart solutions.

Individual training

Any time, any place: Using moduu, you can train efficiently with ease and reach your individual goals. A digital coach is an additional motivator.